Universal HR

These days, many of us are interacting on an international level. Sometimes that can provide challenges when the standard English translation dictionary doesn’t have  an equivalent for something like ‘learning curve’.   Problem now solved!   Here is a specific translator for Human Resources and Payroll terms.  It can be a godsend for those who … Read more

Build Your Expertise… Fast

Key tips from Gihn Perera. Create your newsletter – short and sweet better but HAS to be high value content. Subscriptions to newsletters dropping but blog subscriptions increasing. Post to your blog – post at least weekly, prepare a batch of posts in one go and schedule their release dates, cut and paste from your … Read more

Corporate Social Responsibility Demand

New research has revealed that females are influenced by the way a company approaches its corporate social responsibility (CSR). A poll conducted by The Heat Group found 90% of respondents considered corporate social responsibility when making purchasing and employment decisions. The environment factored in highly as an area of concern for women (37%) and gender … Read more

Leading the Police

If you’ve ever had anything to do with the Police, either directly or indirectly, you’ll know they have a reputation of being a strong, even closed, culture. The impression many of us have is that leadership is based on toughness, authority and possibly even mateship.

A recent talk I attended validated some of these thoughts. The traditional Police model of leadership is a heroic, male-oriented, command-and control environment.  There are even elements of some policing units being very close to the criminals they chase. The temptation for some police is great. As they say, the brighter the light, the darker the shade.  That kind of culture is supported and encouraged in some quarters.

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Big Issues for HR/L&D

At this time of the year lots of forecasting occurs. The L&D / HR space is no exception. Unfortunately it seems the predictions haven’t changed much over recent times. What are the top issues we’re dealing with this year?

  • Operating as a key organisational player
  • Finding workable solutions for the skills crisis
  • Changing the fundamentals of organisational life

HR and L&D have been on the fringes for way too long. A number of leading lights in our profession have shone through but not enough of them.

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