Working in the Cloud

In a recent survey, 95% of respondents used a laptop and over 80% used a Smartphone as their usual out-of-office, road warrior system to keep connected. So, what about the cloud, the place where your files reside? There’s iCloud although restrictive at the moment and Google of course as well as other specialist suppliers. By … Read more

Motivating People

Daniel Pink is brilliant in this exposition of what motivates people. And the graphic facilitation is way cool, too. So, if we know this stuff, why do we keep sticking to the old paradigms thinking they will work? We have to get the message out there. Use some of that strategic planning time to look … Read more

Getting More Things Done

  No matter what our role, it’s increasingly a challenge to fit everything in. Multi-tasking is great but it often means we get less done even though we manage to start and attend to a lot of things that need progress. I was reminded today of Charles Schwab’s enduring formula for managing productivity:   The … Read more