Learning is an organic process.

Mentoring often happens in an organic way. It’s hit and miss.

A more structured approach can create more sustainable outcomes for both the mentor, the mentee and the organisation.

At Natural, we have been designing and conducting mentoring programs for years.

These can be stand-alone or part of a wider initiative.

One thing we’ve learned is that most people (especially prospective mentors) believe that mentoring is easy. Just another conversation. When prospective mentors go through our formal training they begin to realise that mentoring is an artful science. There are certain processes that, if followed, ensure a better result.  And the rest is down to the quality of communication skills and the ability to equalise experiences.

Our most popular mentoring programs supplement the development of women ni the workplace to accelerate their careers, and the establishment and development of sustainable businesses.

Ask about our mentoring programs and how we can custom-design one to achieve your goals.

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