In many cases, course participation isn’t enough.

To gain benefit from formal training, leading organisations have realised that supplemental coaching creates better outcomes.

Two key areas where coaching is most effective is in developing people skills and increasing individual productivity.

These two areas are critical to success but a number of people find it difficult to change their behaviour and responses.

Coaching addresses that.

An external coach has the benefit of being independent and freeing up the time of more senior managers.

Melanie Wass is a trained and experienced performance coach. A founding member of the International Association of Coaches, Melanie works with managers and staff to improve success on the job and personally by clarifying goals, identifying obstacles, strategising solutions and taking action to move forward with confidence.

In particular, Melanie has developed expertise in coaching start up businesses and solopreneaurs as well as a specialty in Career Coaching which draws extensively on her many years in Human Resources and Recruitment.

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