Our privacy policy is very simple.

We collect information from you in order to provide services or information about services. Information collected might be for example, contact details, course evaluations, company data to assist the development of programs etc. That information is securely maintained and never sold, given away, leased or in any other way provided to third parties not directly associated with our operations. Some people may need limited access to confidential information eg our IT people in providing their services. Outside of that you won’t need to be concerned that your information is inappropriately used, stored or disposed of.

If you ever do have cause for concern, contact us and we will explain it or remedy it pronto. Use our contact page on this site.

By the way, if you provide your email address to us we will not abuse the privilege. And cookies may be gathered for generic statistical purposes. We don’t use these for tracking or purposes other than to assess the efectiveness of our website.