Indigenous Employment

Promising report today from a research study into indigenous employment growth. The findings reveal that rates of employment have outstripped that of non-indigenous employment growth. For women 19% compared to 20% respectively while men were 20% vs 5%. One key learning from the research was the impact of education. Those with a degree or higher […]

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Experience Plus Older Workers

Experience Plus: Older Workers

Post War baby boomers: the far-reaching implications for the workforce and economy. How do we garner the knowlege and IP of our maturing workforce? How can Mature Age Workers prepare for a typically long ‘retirement’ period? Our Older Workers program addresses some of those issues at its core.

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Leading the Police

If you’ve ever had anything to do with the Police, either directly or indirectly, you’ll know they have a reputation of being a strong, even closed, culture. The impression many of us have is that leadership is based on toughness, authority and possibly even mateship. A recent talk I attended validated some of these thoughts. […]

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