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Team Building Debunked!

Recently I had a request for a management team get together to motivate and inspire the team. When I met with the prospective client, it clearly turned out that there was absolutely no reason to run the training event other than as a reward. Now, that can be a valid reason for an event to … Read more

State Government Conference

IPAA NSW (Institute of Public Administration) is hosting a one-day conference on THURSDAY July 22. The conference is expected to provide an exciting and topical program including keynote addresses from notable politicians, as well as national and international speakers. If you are interested in the cost of delivering services improving community views and service delivery … Read more

Retention or Transfer of Learning – What’s up?

  Do people retain what they learn?   It’s a continual struggle to prove the value of learning let alone validate whether someone not only learned from training but are actually applying it. In my personal and professional experience of courses, workshops, seminars and other learning odes, most people learn but few actually do anything … Read more

Using Powerpoint Better

Death by PowerPoint View more documents from Alexei Kapterev. Have to say I, like many trainers, am guilty of using ppt as a prompt as much as a learning tool. Alexai and others serve to remind us that less can be more. It’s quick to knock up a ppt presentation. It’s more time consuming to … Read more

Live and learn

Live life as if you will die tomorrow, learn, as if you will live forever                                                                                    Mahatma Gandhi In these times of negativity, it is easy to lose sight of the bigger picture.  Under threat, our natural tendency is to withdraw, go quiet, protect. It’s like hiding from the dragon until it has passed. That’s … Read more

Action Learning

Wow! Dr Michael Marquardt is an undisputed king of Action Learning.  Recently he took a group of us through the process and theory behind conducting Action Learning and it was brilliant. I learned even more about the technique and found my skills grew over the time we spent together. Action Learning is a deceptively simple … Read more

Learning and Quality

On a networking site I belong to there was a great question recently so I thought I’d post the question as well as one of the top answers.


Anyone with experience applying quality principles to the learning process?

Looking for ideas on how quality can be used to reduce time, waste and variability in how people learn.

What I’m looking for are more specific examples such as used Kaizen to reduce classroom time by 20%. Used six sigma to measure learning outcomes. Used lean principles …

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Action Learning

In my role as President of the NSW Division of the Australian Institute of Training & Development, I am involved in the wide array of learning that takes lace in the adult world, especially at work. I stumbled upon this short paper by Bob Dick and have reproduced it here as it makes quite clear what Action Learning / Research is about. It’s an area which is gaining favour these days especially after the visit by Michael Marquardt. 

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