Action Learning

Wow! Dr Michael Marquardt is an undisputed king of Action Learning

Recently he took a group of us through the process and theory behind conducting Action Learning and it was brilliant. I learned even more about the technique and found my skills grew over the time we spent together.

Action Learning is a deceptively simple technique that is way more than just asking questions. It comprises a methodology which underpins the learning content and application of the learning. 

When do you use Action Learning? Ideally when there is a problem to solve which has some immediacy or import.

What’s so special about it? It’s real-time learning and skill enhancement. The use of a Coach through the process is critical to ensure the session doesn’t turn into a general discussion or head straight into solution mode without exploring the possibilities and the process as well as individual and team development.

Michael utilises Action Learning for almost all of his leadership development work these days.

Personally, I have used Action Learning in a limited way up to now but will be embedding it into more of my consulting and development work in future. Give me a hoy if you would like to practice the technique or apply it in your own organisation.

Action Learning

In my role as President of the NSW Division of the Australian Institute of Training & Development, I am involved in the wide array of learning that takes lace in the adult world, especially at work. I stumbled upon this short paper by Bob Dick and have reproduced it here as it makes quite clear what Action Learning / Research is about. It’s an area which is gaining favour these days especially after the visit by Michael Marquardt.  Continue reading “Action Learning”