What a Cool Tool

  I came across this site purely by default, as I often do. What it does is take any word you choose and instantly populate in graphical terms, all the antonyms and synonyms associated with it. For example, I used my company name, “Natural” and it produced this brilliant graphic with related nouns and adjectives. … Read more

Email and SMS Language

  Shorthand has been around since before the days of Pitman I’m sure, and every generation seems to invent its own language.  Lately in my training sessions I’ve noted an increase in younger delegates texting away during sessions (that’s another topic!). I’ve noticed they use short codes the same as the ones in Email, Chat … Read more

Technology … love it!

There are some exciting new web applications floating around cyberspace these days. Here are a  few I’ve been exploring lately: Dokeos.com- an e-learning tool that is open source (ie free and collaboratively built). It looks very comprehensive having used the online demo. At some point I may download it and see how it works under … Read more