Web 3.0 Job Ads

As a recruiter in a former life, I bemoaned the standardisation of job ads and recruitment pages on web sites.  It was hard to stand out from the pack and attract great candidates when everyone advertised in much the same way. When I tried a different way od advertising jobs, I wasn’t able to convince the hierarchy that it would make a difference to the pool of talent we would attract.

I’m glad to see that some areas such as government job ads have stepped outside the box and focussed on things like lifestyle and challenge to attract candidates.

These days, there is more originality but most follow the same model we’ve been following since the 50’s.

While researching today I fell upon a “work with us” page that was definitely different.


At Crowd Favourite, they are leading edge developers. Geek stuff. So the stormtrooper image most likely appeals to many in that market.

What I especially like is that they are more into ethos and capability than job titles and benefits.

It’s worth a look for picking a few ideas that can transport (beam me up, Scottie – oops, wrong galaxy) to other industries and market sectors.

All it takes is a typical marketing mindset

  • what does your potential recruit want?
  • what can you provide that they might want
  • how can you connect the two on an emotional level?

I’m hoping Crowd Favorite are highly successful in attracting the right people for their growing business. I love their work with WordPress. Pity I’m not a geek!