Are Older Workers Being Trained?

I was conducting a new program yesterday and in one of the sessions a common theme emerged from a number of the groups during an exercise. Ageism. In discussing the issue with a number of participants they firmly held the belief that their organisation discriminated (consciously or unconsiously) against older members of the team. I … Read more

Fun At Work

Ask your team this question: “What is the most important factor that makes a workplace rewarding, satisfying, exciting, fun?“.

This is an exercise Dennis Bakke writes about in his book “Joy at Work“. See if your team respond with these types of answers …

  • Good friends
  • Good environment
  • It’s challenging
  • I get to do what I’m good at
  • Fair play
  • I learn a lot
  • Doing something worthwhile
  • I’m needed
  • I’m thought of as a person
  • Winning
  • Being part of a team
  • Significant responsibility

Part of leadership and team membership is about

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Why aren’t my staff like …

… Chocolate Peppermint Creams?

Imagine you’ve had a tough week. You deserve a treat and on the way home you buy yourself a box of chocolates. They are your favourite. All the one flavour. Chocolate Peppermint Creams. You’re home and the place is all yours. You snuggle yourself into your favourite chair, grab the remote control in case you want music or TV for company, open up that book you’ve been wanting to read, take a sip of your fine wine and put your hand in the box. You pull out a fat creamy heavily coated dark chocolate. Slip it onto your tongue. Wrap your teeth around it and …ugghhh!!!! It’s not your favourite chocolate flavour at all. You try another, and another and another and you find you’ve got 5 different flavours in your box!!

Welcome to the new workplace.

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