Fun At Work

Ask your team this question: “What is the most important factor that makes a workplace rewarding, satisfying, exciting, fun?“.

This is an exercise Dennis Bakke writes about in his book “Joy at Work“. See if your team respond with these types of answers …

  • Good friends
  • Good environment
  • It’s challenging
  • I get to do what I’m good at
  • Fair play
  • I learn a lot
  • Doing something worthwhile
  • I’m needed
  • I’m thought of as a person
  • Winning
  • Being part of a team
  • Significant responsibility

Part of leadership and team membership is about creating a work environment that engages people and fulfils their various needs for belonging, meaningfulness, contibuting and enjoyment.

What have you done this month that adds some fun at work, for example?

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