Team Building Debunked!

Recently I had a request for a management team get together to motivate and inspire the team.

When I met with the prospective client, it clearly turned out that there was absolutely no reason to run the training event other than as a reward. Now, that can be a valid reason for an event to run, but if that’s the case, what you want is a different solution than training.

Personally the feedback I receive from clients and participants is centred around being inspirational. It’s not that I set out to be that. It’s just how I operate as a trainer. I certainly don’t jump around the front of the room and get people standing on chairs and shouting out. I leave that to far more capable “edu-tainers”.

I have no doubt that the prospective client found someone who would take his budget funds and run a motivational event. It’s just not my gig. I also believe training is about development of skills, knowledge and attitudes – not making people feel good for a short while and have a warm memory to reflect upon.

Which brings me to the point I wanted to make – training is often not the solution!

Heresy from a trainer, perhaps. Yet well argued in this article about the team-building culture around training.

In my book, I’m happy to train anyone – where I believe there is a training need and I can add value by working the solution.

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