Organisations Don’t Change

Organisations don’t change : People do. That was the headline on an HR Daily email recently. It certainly grabbed my attention, largely because it succinctly spoke the truth.

In my experience, when a major change management initiative is touted, the bulk of the focus – and investment – is in the technical end. Customizing the software, designing the new system, creating the improved process.

The investment in people change to effect the desired change outcomes is an afterthought and any financial investment eg in training is begrudgingly given.

Yet, without the active support and capability of the ‘people systems’ to realize the ROI of the change initiative, all effort is potentially wasted.

I’ve been involved in a number of change initiatives. The ones which bedded down more easily and delivered expected results were the ones where the people required to make the change work were engaged from the earliest opportunity – even where industrial issues were potentially significant.

When was the last time you managed to steer your car in a new direction without requiring you to do something?