Build Your Expertise… Fast

Key tips from Gihn Perera.

  1. Create your newsletter – short and sweet better but HAS to be high value content. Subscriptions to newsletters dropping but blog subscriptions increasing.
  2. Post to your blog – post at least weekly, prepare a batch of posts in one go and schedule their release dates, cut and paste from your newsletter, review videos or articles or books and summarise or comment on those, talk about what you know
  3. Create a podcast – audio mp3 file
  4. Produce a video – sit in your backyard with your webcam and knock it up. It’s about quality content more than high production values.
  5. Use tools to automatically update –, tell LinkedIn to update from your tweets, tell YouTube to post video to twitter and Facebook,
  6. Blogger or WordPress – either! Blogger is quicker to set up and get going. You can then export your posts to WordPress if you go that way. WordPress is good if you want to monetise.
  7. Blog because you’ve got something to say! Best time ever for experts right now so don’t do it just for promotion. Share what you know.
  8. Should your blog be on your site or not? Either. Arguments exist for both. Just do whatever is easiest to get going.

This was a great session to realise it doesn’t take time to demonstrate and share your expertise.