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How To Write Better Goals

The best way to get ahead and have a better year than the last one (or a better month than the last one) is to have a sense of direction. Goals are the way to make that happen. Yet many people are not aware of how to write empowering goals that …

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How to Prioritise Your Workload

One of the BIG issues I see people dealing with in managing their time and getting more done is the lack of assigning any priority to tasks. This very short video takes you through the easiest way to sort out your real priorities.

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What is Mentoring?

Mentoring has a long and ancient history. It is based on a story in Greek mythology. When Odysseus went to the Trojan War, he appointed his good friend Mentor as a role model, guardian and adviser to his son Telemachus. Later in the Odyssey, the goddess Athena, disguised as Mentor (Mentes), becomes more actively involved […]

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Working in the Cloud

In a recent survey, 95% of respondents used a laptop and over 80% used a Smartphone as their usual out-of-office, road warrior system to keep connected. So, what about the cloud, the place where your files reside? There’s iCloud although restrictive at the moment and Google of course as well as other specialist suppliers. By […]

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Organisations Don’t Change

Organisations don’t change : People do. That was the headline on an HR Daily email recently. It certainly grabbed my attention, largely because it succinctly spoke the truth. In my experience, when a major change management initiative is touted, the bulk of the focus – and investment – is in the technical end. Customizing the […]

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Transforming Organisations

In my experience, when you go into most companies what you find is good people and bad management. You can turn that around really quickly by starting with an inspirational dream, setting some challenges and getting everyone focussed. So said Kevin Roberts, CEO of Saatchj & Saatchi in his book Lovemarks. Unlike most CEO’s, when […]

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Who’s Job Is It Anyway?

I was reminded today in a post by Denis Hitchens of an old fable that still today has a disturbing ring of truth in it in some organisations. Once Upon A Time, in a very common enterprise, there were four people named …

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Indigenous Employment

Promising report today from a research study into indigenous employment growth. The findings reveal that rates of employment have outstripped that of non-indigenous employment growth. For women 19% compared to 20% respectively while men were 20% vs 5%. One key learning from the research was the impact of education. Those with a degree or higher […]

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