Relate .. Relations .. Relatonships

“You give but little when you give of your possessions.
It is when you give of yourself that you truly give.” 

Kahlil Gibran

I pulled that quotation out for those of us with a current focus on bettering relationships with family, friends, colleagues, significant others, whoever. I went along to a weekend workshop to get some clarity around my next steps from a work/business perspective. What kept popping up was the time/quality of my relationships with family, friends and my team at work – I’ve allowed them to take second place to career and income. And, of course, while I’ve been keen to keep us all hooked in and motivated, I’ve barely responded to any replies individuals have sent! So, bear with me while I re-orient my people interactions!! 

Went to a ‘Becoming a Coach’ info session last night – I like their model of coaching and they seem to have a great support system although the timing isn’t right for me just yet. There were a number of people there from the weekend … including our Bob. He’s asked me to pass on his best to everyone and regrets he doesn’t have access to emails at the moment. But he’s with us in spirit and was keen to keep in touch. So, I thought it might be an idea if over the next few days we each gave him a call (his number is on the cow herd listing) to say hello personally.

I did actually go to that coffee shop in case anyone turned up last weekend. No-one did and so I was gifted the opportunity to enjoy spending time with myself and my thoughts. I reflected on some of the content from the Intensive and enjoyed a lovely late lunch – so much that I promised I’d take some ‘me’ time and head off to a coffee shop at least once a fortnight!