Success consists of a series of little daily victories

What is success to you? It is different for each of us. So bear in mind that
your version of success is just as valid as anyone else’s. The best chance
of success occurs when our goals or dreams are aligned with our purpose.

Once you’ve worked out what success is for you, recognise that you have some
wins and learning experiences along the way. Focus on your dream, do more of
what’s working and less of what’s not, stay committed to the dream and never
give up, and remember success may be one more phone call away, or one
meeting away, or one more day away … who knows how close or far it is?

When you reach your goal, you need to celebrate your wins. That reinforces
to your subconscious that you deserve more success! Life is meant to be fun
so enjoy the journey and contribute to others along the way. These blogs,
for example, are part of my contribution.